I started CrossFit in September 2010. Sure, I was intimidated, apprehensive, you name it, but I was determined to try something new. I had spent hours on the treadmill and attempted to “lift” in the regular gym, but did not have any idea what I was doing and was not making any progress with my weight, my fitness level, or anything.

Working out with Shea has been an incredible experience. I have learned to do things I never imagined I could do – small things like a push-up and even lifting weights! This may seem like nothing to some people, but they were huge for me and gave me a new level of confidence I have never had. Now I can do multiple push-ups, pull-ups, and lift more weight than I ever thought I could! I’ve got muscles in places I’ve never had, and I continue to work on getting stronger each time I’m in class.

Not only is it a great work out, we also have a great fitness family!  We challenge and support each other to do more and get stronger each time we come together.  Shea is a great trainer and he is always there to make sure we do things the right way, avoiding injuries and pushing us into getting strong!

I am still a “work in progress”, and still want to do more, lift more, and be stronger! These workouts give me the motivation and the desire to do all of that. It is something anyone can do. It’s fun, it’s always different, always challenging, and IT WORKS!! Jan S.

Get motivated to put in work!

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